Desert Patio Life


For me, living in Tucson has been like being on a permanent vacation. We are newer residents, after living in the Pacific Northwest for over thirty years. I decided when we started looking for our home, I was going to get a view, either of the mountains or the sunset. It seemed like every home here has a view. Well, that is a bit of an exaggeration. There are definitely more opportunities to have some kind of scenic view here than there was in the city I previously resided.

We first had to get beyond the home inventory issue. The available homes for sale were naturally limited by the hot Summer season, when a lot of people head for cooler climates. Any homes that were coming up for sale were selling very quickly due to the high interest in living in Arizona. I get it. It’s a great state.

When we walked into a home our agent recommended, one we were not really interested in, we did not expect to get that emotional rush that happens when you find the home you are meant to have. It had neither a view of the mountains, nor the sunset. It did, however, have a patio space that captivated me. The fence lines the open preserve space and the desert wildlife are regular visitors, including rabbits, quail, and javelinas. While I didn’t get one of those breath-taking views I thought I wanted, I love the privacy of this property.

We had a decent patio space in our backyard in our former home, but it was cold and wet a lot, so sitting outside was not that appealing. Especially while sipping my morning coffee. This patio just invites you to hang out there all day.

I never would have seen this patio if I had not let my real estate agent guide us in our home search. I can’t say enough about how much she listened to our long list of requirements, but was then ready for the right alternatives. This is exactly the kind of agent I hope I am for my clients. I never want them to miss out on a home that doesn’t look great on paper but gives you that “ahhh, I’m home,” feeling when you walk in the door.