Buying a New Construction Home


Our former new-construction home

I have always been unconcerned about my future. That isn’t to say I don’t plan or prepare. I just don’t give much worry to what the future holds. I believe it when God says not to be anxious about tomorrow because tomorrow has enough of its own worry (read Matthew 6). So when I was newly married and we had our first child in a very small bungalow house, with one and a half bedrooms and one bathroom that was also the laundry room, I was not that concerned about making a very nice home for us.

Then baby number two was on the way and even I knew we had to find a bigger home. That’s when I learned about the value of new construction homes. Buying a new home seemed very exciting since we got to be part of the process of choosing colors and materials that would go into our new home. It was as close to a custom home as we were going to get on our young family, single income.

These aren’t custom homes, which requires a lot more decisions and costs, but buyers can find a lot of benefits with a new construction home. The first feature of new construction that captivated us as young parents was the size for the dollar. We bought as big of a house as we could afford for less money than buying an established home. Another benefit is everything is new so there shouldn’t be any hidden surprises in the home systems. Builders also provide a home warranty should anything go wrong within a reasonable timeframe. New homes are generally designed with current styles and the latest in material technologies. This helps the home owner live in their home for a while without feeling the need to make any updates.

housing inventory graph from April

The market is changing. Home inventories are increasing. Housing starts for single family homes are also turning around, up 2.7% from February 2023. Home completions were up 12.9% in March 2023 from March 2022. Now could be the time to consider buying new